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Free Printable Work Timesheet Template

Work timesheet is certainly the thing that you know. Timesheet is one of the helpful tools for the HR team to estimate the working hours of every worker. Timesheets can show the number of real working hours on every worksheet. It can be a standard to be a payroll process of every company.

What Is Meant by Work Timesheet?

It sounds strange to be a timesheet in a work world like the people working. Generally, a timesheet can be meant by a tool of both virtual and physical tools to record and track one’s working hours.

Samples of Work Timesheet :

work from home timesheet template

work from home timesheet template

daily work timesheet template

daily work timesheet template

work experience timesheet template

work experience timesheet template – download

fair work timesheet template

fair work timesheet template – download

timesheet template with work description

timesheet template with work description

The Functions of Work Timesheet

The Timesheet contains the employee’s presence. It has some functions that you should know.

  1. Employee’s Management Time

The first function is to be time management for employees related to the issue of working effectiveness. By using a timesheet, the employee can monitor the employee effectiveness every day. Timesheet also has the function to be time tracking to be the standard of calculating salary. The time-tracking consists of the off day, payday, and working hours.

  1. Employee Payroll Data

Salary is one of the crucial employee rights to fill. Thus, the salary calculation or payroll process of a company must be transparent. Those are based on the working appointment that has been agreed upon together. The data can show the working hours and payday hours of the employees. Furthermore, it shows some paid rights of the company for employees related to the effectiveness of working hours.

  1. Information of Employee Performance

Work timesheet can show the performance of every employee by evaluating the working effectiveness. Besides, timesheet data can be a consideration material of the manager before giving extra jobs to the employees. The evaluation and the work burden can influence their performance.

Types of Work Timesheet

There will be some types of the employee or work timesheets that you should know.

  1. Hard Copy Timesheet

The first type is a hard copy timesheet in paper form. It is like its name in which the output timesheet type is a hard copy. It has been used before. Nevertheless, it has weaknesses such as a longer data inputting process, the high human error level, and being impractical. Besides, it is a form of paper in which it is difficult to save and has high risks of loss.

  1. Soft Copy

This timesheet type is a softcopy type. It becomes an updating type of softcopy timesheet because it benefits the technology. Thus, a time data inputting process can be faster so that it affects the working hours effects. It is also minimizing human error. Furthermore, a digital timesheet can be saved easily when you require it.

Meanwhile, based on the functions of the timesheet, it consists of some types of work timesheets.

  1. Weekly Timesheet

It is basically used by the company having a project for a short period. This timesheet is usually applied by a small company with high mobility to monitor the budget.

  1. Monthly Timesheet

The companies often use it. By using this timesheet, you can monitor the performance and work of workers effectively because it accumulates much data.

  1. Work Timesheet

Work timesheet is shifting workers consisting of three times check in check out based on the shifting time.

Work Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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