What Is A Timesheet?

Understanding Timesheet and Its Importance

You need a system to manage your business. Without it, your business cannot grow and develop as it should be. In this system, you can use various tools to help your business management. One of them is the timesheet. Have you ever heard of it before? Here is the question you should ask. What is a timesheet? Let’s find out the answer and understand more about this important tool of business management.

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About Timesheet

In the simplest words, a timesheet is a time record tool. It comes in the form of a card, data table, or others, where you can record the time of various things that happen in your company. We use it to see the time used on a specific project, task, client, or department in a company. The employee also has a timesheet to record their working time and progress in a company.

Card or paper timesheet may be the general type of time sheet you can find in many companies. This type has been used for a long time. However, today, many companies have developed a more advanced form of the timesheet. It is a digital timesheet in the form of software or application. This form simplifies the time record process with a short and fast method.

Why Do We Need a Timesheet?

As a time tracker, a timesheet gives you detailed information about how your business and all elements in it, perform. Thus, you will know how efficient your business has been. Based on this information, you can do many things for your business.

First of all, the time performance information gives you the base to create a strategy or new working system to improve its efficiency. In the end, it has one goal, which is improving your business performance, which will make it grow, develop, and produce a better result. It is not wrong when we say that a timesheet is one of the essential elements of your business success.

The Other Application of Timesheet

Indeed, a timesheet gives you an impression of a tool that you can only use on a company or business. However, that is not true. You also can use the timesheet tool in your private life. For example, you use it to manage the time for doing your chores. It is also a good tool to manage the time for renovating or remodeling your house.

If you are a student, a timesheet also helps you a lot to finish your entire homework and school task. In summer, when you have so many tasks and homework for your summer holiday, a timesheet also helps you to manage it, so you can finish them all before the deadline.


Adding the timesheet system into your business or personal life will give you nothing but benefits. It improves your productivity and efficiency for many activities. Then, you will get the best result in your business, work, everyday activity, or school activity. With that kind of benefit, there is nothing wrong with getting the timesheet and using it right away. And, you can find it here as well.

The Types of Timesheet You Should Know :

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