10 Things to Include in a Weekly Timesheet

The timesheet will ease the task for delivering the tasks to the employees. With the online timesheet app and timesheet template, you can do it easily but you still need to know things that must be included in a weekly timesheet.

  • User Name

The very first and the very important thing to include in any kind of timesheet must be the name of the user. It must be the name of the employee that is filling the timesheet. It means that that person is the one that can access the timesheet. Nevertheless, access might also be given to the managers to complete the timesheet of the employee.

  • Date

When people are talking about the timesheet that is used a lot, there is no doubt that it might be the weekly timesheet. Many companies use this kind of timesheet a lot. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you add the date information into the timesheet. You can use the data field in the online timesheet to help you navigate through your calendar. This way, you can choose the right time for that week.

  • Project

The timesheet can be different from one another based on the use. You can find the timesheets that are used for grouping some tasks by project. Of course, the project information must also be added to the timesheets to help you see the record easier.

  • Task

There must be some tasks list that can be found in the timesheet. This way, the user can teach their work. It will be easier for them to know whether their tasks have been completed by checking the mark. If there is no mark, it means that the task is not completed yet.

  • Copy of Last Week Task

In many companies, the employees are just working the same tasks every week. In this circumstance, the timesheet can be auto-populated with the tasks from last week. It will be easier to copy the tasks than input them from scratch once again.

  • Days of the Week

Of course, it is also important to show the days of the week in the timesheet. It will include the hours you use for working on every task in the timesheet. When working with some projects, you might need to use the daily timesheets that come with more details, especially the working hours.

  • Percentage of Completion

Besides checking that the task is completed or not, it is also important to track the task completion percentage. It will help the employees and the manager track productivity when handling a certain project, for sure.

  • Automatic Total

Automation becomes one of the biggest benefits of using timesheets. You should also get the ability to total the hours automatically. It will be beneficial for payroll purposes.

  • Submit

Once the timesheet has been signed by the approver, it will be sent to the reviewer. You need to submit your timesheet, of course. It will not be a big problem nowadays since the online timesheet can be shared easily. You can also print it and send it to the reviewer in person.

  • Note

It is better if you can also add some notes to the weekly timesheet to explain something in the timesheet. You can even explain your complaint with the timesheet as well.

Free Printable Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly Timesheet Template | Excel – download

Why You Should Use a Weekly Timesheet Template Word

Do you know what a weekly timesheet template Word is? Well, if you do not, then you are missing out on something very brilliant. A timesheet is a tool that you can use to track a lot of things. It will help you organize your time, tasks, schedule, and so many more. That is why you might want to think about using a timesheet.

What is a Timesheet?

First of all, let’s talk about what a timesheet is. That way, you will be able to determine whether or not you need one for your daily activities. Well, as we have mentioned before, a timesheet is a tool that will help you organize anything that you can think of.

You can use a timesheet to organize your daily schedule. If you are a manager, then you can even use an employee bi-weekly timesheet template Word to manage all of your employees. Whatever the purpose is, a timesheet will help you tremendously when it comes to getting everything in check.

The Different Types of Timesheets

So, you probably already know what a timesheet is. What you might not know is the fact that you will be able to find many different types of timesheets out there. And you need to make or find the most appropriate timesheet that meets your needs.

You can find many different templates out there. You can find a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly template. You can also find a template made using Word or Excel. Essentially, you need to find a timesheet that suits your needs. For example, if you want to track the hours of your employee, then you might need a weekly timesheet template Word with lunch.

How Do I Use a Timesheet?

Next, you have to know how to use a timesheet. If you know how to use it properly, then a timesheet can be a lifesaver when it comes to tracking whatever it is that you need to track.

Using a timesheet is pretty easy, especially if you know the purpose of your timesheet. For example, if you have a weekly timesheet template Word, then you should know that you can use this timesheet for a whole week. Other than that, you should also identify the labels that you can find on the timesheet. You will be able to find the things that you can write down based on those labels.

Why Should I Use a Weekly Word Timesheet?

If you are just trying out using a timesheet, then we recommend you to use a weekly Word timesheet. There are so many reasons why you should do this. And that is exactly what we are going to tell you in this section.

A Word timesheet is a very simple timesheet. Microsoft Word is filled with so many features that will help you create a timesheet. You can easily add a table to Microsoft Word and decide the columns and rows that you need for your timesheet. With Microsoft Word, you can easily make a printable weekly timesheet template Word without any problem at all.

Now that you know the basics about Word timesheets, you should try using one right away. Go ahead and find or make the best weekly timesheet template Word that you can use.

Free Printable Weekly Timesheet Template Word

Weekly Timesheet Template Worddownload

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