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One of the wedding preparations is to make a guest list. Even after we made the guest list, when our wedding day came, many guests were not included in the guest list that we made earlier.

The importance of making a guest list is so that we can distribute wedding invitations to people who are important and want to witness our wedding.

There are still many brides who are confused about making a guest list. There is a website that provides wedding guest list template that is ready for you to use.

The Importance of Creating a Guest List On Your Wedding Day

We want to have a memorable wedding. Of course, we should invite guests who know us well.

We can share the guest list with our partner’s family. because they will want to invite their friends and colleagues too.

You need to discuss how many guests will be at your wedding. Because from this guest list, you can choose the wedding venue and the number of wedding catering.

Of course, you don’t want to make guests feel uncomfortable when they are present at your wedding. Therefore the importance of making a guest list is so that you can prepare your wedding perfectly.

The guest list that you have created also determines how many souvenirs you will order. So it is very important to make our wedding guest list.

Samples of Wedding Guest List :


Things that Must be on the Guest List Your Wedding Day

Making our wedding guest list is not difficult. Several things must be on our guest list.

If you are still confused, see what things you should pay attention to when making a guest list:

  1. Share Guest List

You also need to discuss the number of guests with your partner. Your parents will want to invite their friends too.

You can divide into 50% guests for the bride and 50% guests for the groom. If you are fair, then everyone you love will be present at your wedding.

Of course, you should also discuss this with your partner. Do you only invite close friends? Or invite coworkers.

Your partner will also want to invite their friends. To discuss how many guests will attend, and share it evenly with your partner

  1. Create a Different List

If you invite a lot of people, try making different lists. For example, you create an A-List for guests who are not likely to come.

The A-List can contain old friends who may not be able to attend your wedding day. But you still have to include them on the guest list, because maybe they can also attend.

In addition, you also need to create a B-List whose contents are guests who will attend. The B-List contains friends or family who are sure to attend your wedding.

You even have to make a VVIP guest list that you specialize in. You can download the wedding guest list template that you are ready to use to fill out the guest list on your wedding day.

Wedding Guest List Template | Excel – download

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