How To Choose Tent Card Template Word

free printable simple tent card template word

When we want to hold a meeting, of course, we need a tent card. A tent card is a paper with a name or a signed card placed on the table by folding it.

Almost all tent cards are printed in various colors. The goal is to highlight something that is on the tent card. Called a tent card, because we fold thick paper into two parts. Then when placed on the table, it is shaped like a tent.

You can make tent cards using the word. You just need to download tent card template word and you can change it according to your needs. The use of a tent card is very supportive of an event because we can see the identity of the participants in the event.

For example, when we make a meeting, we can make tent cards bearing the name of the position and placed them on different tables.

So that people who attend the event can get to know who is present. Tent cards also serve as identification at exhibition events. It is very simple but quite effective as an identity.

How to Make a Word Tent Card

You must often find a tent card at the hotel reception desk? They use a tent card to show their identity as a receptionist. So that guests who have just entered the hotel can immediately look for them.

Here’s how to make a tent card using Microsoft word:

  1. Download the Tent Card Template

You can download the tent card template for free. Many websites already provide tent card templates that are ready for you to use.

And then you can edit the tent card template yourself. You can change the font type, font size and even add pictures.

If we are holding an event, you can adjust the design of the tent card to the concept of your event. Make a tent card as your event identity with an attractive design.

  1. Open Microsoft Word

After you download the tent card template, you can open it in Microsoft word. Here you can edit the tent card template that you have downloaded.

Or if the tent card template is to your liking, then all you have to do is change the name or font color. If you already have a template, then you just need to edit the important parts.

If you want to add a company image or logo, you can enter it by editing the template.

  1. Create a Tent Card With Your Design

If the template is ready, then you just need to make a tent card according to your needs. You can customize the design of the tent card and edit the size of the tent card.

Make the size of the tent card as needed, or if you want to change the font of the tent card, you can also do that. You can download and use tent card template word for free. So you don’t have to bother making it from scratch.

Tent Card Template Worddownload

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