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When you are about to start a project with someone else. make sure you make a statement of employment. This letter will contain details of all the work processes from start to finish.

A statement of work is a legally binding agreement between the two parties, namely the vendor and the client involved in a project. For example, you are a company that will work with vendors, then you are required to make a statement of work.

Making a statement of work is to detail all the work so that cooperation between vendors and companies can go according to plan.

You only need to download the statement of work template and replace it according to your needs. You can search for it and download it so that it can be a statement of work in a project.

Benefits of Making a Statement of Work

We need a statement of work to ensure the project runs from start to finish. The statement of work will highlight all the company’s cooperation processes.

In the statement of work, there are several things that you must write down. Because before collaborating, surely you and the vendor company have discussed what is your advantage.

The agreement between the company and the vendor must go through a statement of work. Because this will minimize the risk of misuse of responsibility.

Other Samples of Statement of Work :

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Writing a Statement of Work

Don’t be in a hurry when you want to make a statement of work. There are several things that you should pay attention to make a statement of work.

The following are things you should write in your statement of work:

  1. Create a Clear Job List

You need to detail what the responsibilities of your company and the vendors you work with are. Write down all the details of the job.

If necessary, you must also make a checklist if some work has been completed. The importance of detailing the work is so as not to mix the responsibilities of the company and the vendor.

The division of labor is also very important to determine the success of the cooperation project. Check the list of jobs that you have created.

  1. Make a List of Important People

Get to know who are the important people involved in your company’s project collaboration. You must write down who they are who have authority and who are involved in the project.

They are people who have legal power and problems in the project. So you have to make a list of officials who may be directly involved with the work process.

  1. Anticipate Change

You can add anticipated changes in the course of the project in the statement of work. The point is if during the project there is something unexpected, for example, a natural disaster.

We can change our work strategy. So the purpose of making this state of work is to find solutions when there are emergency problems.

You can use a statement of work template to create a statement of cooperation between your company and various vendors.

Statement of Work Template | Word – download

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