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If you are starting to build a business, it is very important to create a business strategy so that it continues to grow. After you have a business idea, then you will determine how to build a business startup.

A startup is a start-up company built from scratch. Startups are synonymous with the millennial generation because in this company everything uses advanced technology.

Startups are known as youth companies built by developing advanced technology. Even some startups make advanced technology that is used all over the world.

When you build a startup, of course, you need a business checklist. The goal is that you can step up and set a strategy going forward.

You can use the startup business checklist template to create a checklist for your startup company. A business checklist plays an important role in determining the future of your company.

Why is that? Because if we have a list of plans, then we can do it one by one. Imagine if we don’t have a strategy, we can’t develop our business startup.

Other Samples of Startup Business Checklist :

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startup business checklist template example

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startup business checklist template sample

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example of startup business checklist template

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sample of startup business checklist template

Things That Must Be In The Startup Business Checklist

There are several things that you should pay attention to when making a business checklist. Not only does it contain your plans for the future, but you have to write the following things.

The goal is to make it clearer that your business startup is individually owned or jointly owned. Especially if you build a startup with your friends, the company’s profit-sharing must also be written in the contract.

The following are things that must be included in the business checklist:

  1. Legal Structure and Company Name

To create a business checklist, you must specify your company name. You can discuss this if you have a work partner.

The most important thing is the legal structure. These startups are sole proprietorships or partnerships. It could be that a startup is also a limited liability company or a corporation.

You have to clarify this. If this is a sole proprietorship, then you can take care of licensing as a personal business.

But if this is a partnership, then you have to make terms of profit sharing and startup shares.

  1. Business Plan

Startup starts from the beginning, so your business has not provided much profit. You need to write any business plans in the long term.

You can think about what business strategies can develop your startup. Or if you want to do a partnership, also write down which company you want to collaborate with.

Prepare your initial startup business plan. Then make a business plan that can continue to grow the company.

  1. Create a FEIN or Entrepreneur Identification Number

It is also very important to determine the legality of your startup company. If you don’t have FEIN then your business is not legal.

This will affect licensing and legal protection if an unexpected problem occurs in your company.

The startup business checklist template has provided everything that must be included in your company’s business checklist. You can add other items according to your needs.

Startup Business Checklist Template | Word – download

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