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A reference letter is one type of official letter issued by a company. This letter of recommendation is usually used to apply for someone who has extraordinary qualifications.

This letter is usually written by a company that wants to support one of its employees to be a better part of another company. However, this reference letter can also be used for business and personal purposes.

The reference letter contains the job and qualifications that a person has. This letter will be given to the company intended to show the advantages of a candidate.

You can create a standard reference letter template that is already available. You just need to edit with your name and qualifications.

When looking for a job, companies usually ask for a letter of recommendation that has been issued by the company where you previously worked. This letter can support you to be the best candidate.

Companies that issue letters of recommendation usually have a purpose. Among other things to include candidates in other companies as new employees.

Other Samples of Standard Reference Letter :

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standard reference letter template example

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example of standard reference letter template

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sample of standard reference letter template

standard reference letter template sample

standard reference letter template sample

Structure and How to Make a Good Reference Letter

If you don’t understand how to make a reference letter, you can download a ready-to-use reference letter template.

You only need to edit your name and ID. The following are things you should pay attention to when writing a reference letter:

  1. Introduction to Relationships with Candidates

To write a letter of reference, you will need to explain how your relationship with the candidate is. For example, you are an HRD who makes letters of recommendation for your employees.

If you are writing a personal reference letter, you can introduce yourself and how you relate to the candidate. Explain in as much detail as possible to be clear.

  1. Explain How Long You Know the Candidate

You can also explain how long you have known the candidate. For example, you are HRD, you can explain that the candidate has worked for several years at the company.

By explaining how long the relationship with the candidate is, can strengthen the reference letter that the person providing the recommendation is a credible person.

  1. Write down the Candidate’s Personal Qualities

You can write down the quality of the candidate. For example, what skills does he have, his hobbies and how the candidate worked in the old company.

Describe the candidate with good, positive traits because that will help him or her. Also, write down the candidate’s skills.

  1. Write a Statement of Recommendation

Here you need to write a statement that you recommend him as the best candidate. This sentence is the essence of the reference letter.

Because you have previously explained your relationship with the candidate. Then explain how the qualifications of the candidate you understand.

  1. Provide Your Information

Finally, you need to provide contact information. Let the prospective employer contact you to reconfirm.

Some standard reference letter template also have the same structure. You can use it to create a reference letter for a friend or employee of your company.

Standard Reference Letter Template | Word – download

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