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Writing meeting minutes is a rather difficult task. Because we must attend and understand all the discussions in the meeting.

Especially if the meeting is attended by the board of directors. Of course, the minutes of the meeting are mandatory after the meeting is over. Making meeting minutes is not just a secretary’s job.

However, the ability to make meeting minutes must be possessed by all employees. If you are still confused, you can download the staff meeting minutes template that is ready for you to use for meetings.

You can use the available templates to write meeting minutes. Meeting notes are very important, especially if we are having monthly or annual meetings.

Meeting notes are included in the official records because they are made officially and signed by the chair of the meeting. After the meeting is over, usually the minutes of the meeting will be read back.

Important notes in the meeting must be written down because this can be an evaluation of the company. Therefore, it is very important to take meeting notes.

Meeting notes are divided into two according to the type of meeting. Namely, formal meeting notes and non-formal meeting notes.

Official or formal meeting notes are usually drawn up and signed by the chairperson of the meeting. After the meeting is over, the meeting notes will be read back.

Things That Must be Written at the Meeting Minutes

To write meeting minutes, there are several important things that you must write in them. The following are mandatory items in the meeting minutes:

  1. Meeting Time and Date

You must write down the date on which the meeting will be held. Also, write down the place where the meeting will be held.

After that, you also write down the time the meeting starts. How long is the meeting duration and what time does it end? This is very important to write so that we can remember the meeting that has been carried out.

  1. List of Meeting Participants

You should also write down a list of meeting participants. Who is present at the meeting and who is unable to attend.

Usually, at the start of the meeting, there will be a time when the meeting presenter mentions who is present at the meeting.

  1. Purpose of the Meeting

After that, you have to write down the purpose of the meeting for what. There is a reason why a meeting should be held. Write down in detail the purpose of the meeting.

This is important to do because it relates to the conclusion of the meeting. Whether the meeting can answer the problems discussed or not.

  1. Topic of Discussion

In line with the purpose of the meeting, you should also write down the topic of conversation. You can write this down in a few key sentences.

Usually, the staff meeting minutes template already provides several lines for the topic of the meeting discussion that you can write. Write down what was discussed at the meeting.

Staff Meeting Minutes Template | Word – download

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