Some Important Thing During Software Deployment

free printable software deployment checklist template excel

Online messenger, social media, smart cameras, games, and other applications are no more just entertainment for us nowadays. It is part of our daily life that we need to make our work easier and could be done faster. Do you realize that there is so much happening inside the devices we use every day?

Behind the busy work behind a device, there is software which a bunch of data and instructions to lead and tell the computer how to do their works. A computer programmer needs a software deployment checklist to check how well the software works on structuring the data thoroughly. By using the checklist template, the programmer will be able to see dan check the detail of things that the software must be done well.

Find Out What Software Deployment Is

For newcomers, you might be curious and want to know more about what software deployment is. Software deployment is all the activities that make the system in the software work well. Because there is so much happening, it needs a checklist template to help the computer programmer on checking every detail job the software is doing.

If there is problem happens, the computer programmer can easily detect and solve the problem as soon as possible. This problem must be solved soon because the software system is connected just like human nerves in the body. Once one nerve is in a problem, it will affect the other nerve.

Important Things While Deploying Software

While a computer programmer is going to deploy software, there are a bunch of preparations the have to be done. Those preparations are usually formed in a checklist to make it easier to check. Here are some important things in their checklist.

  1. Collaboration between two parties

Deploying software generally has two parties between the development and operations parties. If you are the development, make sure that you explain your plan thoroughly so that they know when the program will be deployed. Have a clear discussion about all the processes and preparation for software deployment so that both parties can work together perfectly.

  1. Minimize the changing

If something breaks in IT, that usually happens because there is something changed. As explained before that software is just like a human nerve that if there is a problem in one nerve, it will affect others. That is better for software deployment if the programmer rolls back the changes and minimizes the number of changes. That is for finding the right balance of size and frequency of the release.

  1. Release automatically

Minimizing human error during the release would be better to avoid more problems that might happen. That is why it is better to set the release automatically so that human error could be minimized. Use any kind of basic build server to automate the process. The point of using automatic settings is to make it easier for the team during the deployment and that could be applied on software deployment checklist template as well to avoid the possibility of skipping the manual steps.

Software Deployment Checklist Template | Excel – download

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