6 Actionable Tips to Fill the Simple Timesheet

Free Printable Simple Timesheet Template Excel

A simple timesheet is available online as well. It provides a simple feature that allows your employees to fill it with ease. Additionally, they can enter it without confusion.

Samples of Simple Timesheet :

simple fortnightly timesheet template

simple fortnightly timesheet template

simple employee timesheet template

simple employee timesheet template – download

simple monthly timesheet template excel

simple monthly timesheet template excel – download

simple timesheet invoice template

simple timesheet invoice template – download

simple daily timesheet template

simple daily timesheet template

This reason positively supports the ease of the work of supervisors or managers. Both are no longer struggling for this. Learn some tips in the following to get employees to fill their timesheets without delay.

Simplify The Feature

Keep in mind that filling the timesheet takes less than 10 minutes. You can complete it every day within that period. The timesheet should be efficient and effective for you and your employee.

You may find some systems take 30 minutes or even more to work. It even spends more time tracking the employees’ working hours. If you work with this system, you can make the employees frustrated.

Besides, the company will lose their valuable time. Thus, it is better to choose a timesheet that has a simple feature for your company.

Have Easy Submissions

You may also find that some companies have a complicated process in tracking the working time. Furthermore, they have a tedious process as well. This reason brings complaints from your employees.

That is why you have to simplify the process. You can automate the processing part too. Once you apply this suggestion, employees will submit the timesheet on time.

Explain The Reason Clearly

Communicate with your team clearly about the use of the simple timesheet data. Explain to them in both ways, whether the positive or negative part. Give understandable reasons to them.

Remember to explain the importance of time entry to all employees. Communicate to them that the data can inform you about the amount of working time.

You can clarify how the timesheets work as well. Emphasize that it helps in the billing cycle, as well as increasing the cash flow.

Be Flexible in Tracing Time

You had better not demand employees fill the timesheets precisely in minutes. If it happens, you will be busy with various excuses due to being 15 minutes late or leaving earlier.

Through this, you can make employees convenient in working. Their main focus is not watching the clock for the entire work.

Set An Automatic Time Tracking

Having an automated process is a lot better than the manual one. It allows you to save countless hours in doing administrative work for the timesheets.

Moreover, it helps you reduce the human error that may occur during the submission. Besides, the approvers also get the benefit in the time-efficient process.

The automatic timesheet is easier to access by the employees. Its online system is accessible to all of the staff members. So, they can reach it wherever their location.

Appreciate Honest People

Getting employees to submit their work on time is easy. However, it can be quite a challenging effort to make them report the non-working time consistently.

Accept any information that you get from them. Do not penalize the employees when they are honest. Use it as the opportunity to fix any problems that may occur in your simple timesheet.

Simple Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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