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A simple meeting minute is a templateused whether for a club, business or even a sports event. Meeting minutes is something handy that can be your key to keeping all of the team always up to date on everything that happens. Even, it doesn’t need to be something like an arduous task. Of course, you can find any design of meeting template that you can use. The best thing is you also can download it for free.

What is the Meeting Minutes?

We will try to give you some explanation and also we will try to give you some examples of the templates and also some of tips and ideas that could bring you help, to get started with the writing and preparing you effective meeting. In this article, you can get what you need and you can also add some new knowledge to your hands. Make sure if you read this article very carefully.

First of all, we need to understand what is the meeting minutes are for? For some of you, this might be a new thing that you can learn right? Well, meeting minutes are some kind of notes that will capture any events or what happened at the meeting. The meeting minutes itself it’s different from what we called the meeting agenda, the meeting minutes will record every decision that is made and all the actions requested by the organization.

It will include all the details that the team need to know and they want to know. It’s really important in any kind of meeting. The meeting minutes are the key that you and your team need, to capture all the information that you and your team need such as, decisions made, next steps and also the action of all the items and who also is responsible.

What you Must Add to the Meeting Template?

This meeting minutes will record everything like who was there and also what happened in the meeting. They are a very important source of information that you and your team may be unable to attend the meeting. This meeting minute also could be your incredible tool to notify every one of the assigned tasks and will help everyone on the right path. What should you put into your meeting minutes template? Here are some of the things or details that you can add to your template.

  1. Of course the first one is the date and time of the meeting itself. So, you can inform everyone about when and where the meeting will be executed.
  2. All the names of people who will become the participants at the meeting.
  3. You also need to add the agenda and topics that will discuss in the meeting.
  4. Don’t forget to add some action items as well.

Those are everything that you need to add to your simple meeting minutes template. Is important for you when you create your meeting minutes. Remember, if you want to make everything so simple, you can use and download the template. There are just a few tips that you need.

Simple Meeting Minutes Template | Excel – download

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