Key Rules to Create Success Silent Auction

free printable blank silent auction template pdf

silent auction template

There are lots of ways that are worth trying to fundraise for a specific cause. Instead of open donation, there are more creative ways to earn money for the fund. One of those ways is doing Silent Auction.

Have you ever heard about Silent Auction before? You might get the wrong understanding of imagining Silent Auction as an event where people gather in a room bidding to get an object, they are interested in. This silent auction is quite different.

Get to Know About Silent Auction

A Silent Auction template will be needed during the auction and this auction will have no attendees. The participants will place their bids anonymously and silently on a bid sheet. They will also have a bidding number so that they could bid on the item they like. Because everything is done silently, the name is Silent Auction.

The silent auction is usually arranged by non-profit organizations to fundraise interestingly. This donation event will allow the donors to participate in the event actively and they might be making an expensive purchase. It gives full benefits for the non-profit organization because they get the items for Silent Auction from the donators.

Other Samples of Silent Auction Form :

sample of silent auction template

sample of silent auction template

silent auction template example

silent auction template example

silent auction template sample

silent auction template sample

example of silent auction template

example of silent auction template

Some Common Key Rules in Silent Auction

Even though each silent auction has its own rules, but there are some common key rules that most auctions have to make it a success.

  1. Decide the closing time

The closing time of the bidding is important to be decided and the participants must be clearly informed about the closing time. When it is clearly stated and informed, the participants can put their bids in front of the item they are interested in. Establishing the closing time also builds a sense of urgency from the participants and makes sure they will put their bids on time.

  1. An appropriate number of available items

According to a virtual auction expert, Scott Robertson, it is best to have no more than one item on the bid for two can be said that the number of available items in the silent auction is likely half the number of participants. If the number of available items is too many, it will make the participants overwhelm and they hardly increase the purchase.

  1. Set the place perfectly

The setting of the room where all the items are shown must be well-set to make sure that those items are easily visible. Arrange the tables in a way where all participants can see the items clearly and it is also comfortable for them to write on the bid sheet. Calculate the space between each item carefully so that there is no traffic jam. The setting of the room will give a big impact on the auction so make sure that everything is set perfectly.

  1. Organize the items well

The presentation of the items is really important to attract participants’ interest to purchase it. The setting and how the items are organized is the key to get a high purchase. The items are the best to place from the least expensive to the most expensive one. Do not forget to place the silent auction template in front of the item so that participants can state their bids.

Silent Auction Template | PDF – download

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