Common Problems and Solutions in Silent Auction

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A silent auction is a complex event that is usually done to collect money for donation. It is not a general auction that you may know so far, but it is done by a non-profit organization and all the participants will purchase the items in the auction anonymously. No people are gathering in a room to bid the item they are interested in loudly.

There will be a silent auction bid sheet template in front of each item so that they can write down their bidding on it. The highest bidding will be the winner and deserves to own the item. The items in this silent auction are usually from donators who work together to the success of the event.

Common Challenges During Silent Action and The Solutions

It can be denied that arranging an event is hard and a silent auction is not the exception. There are a bunch of challenges that an event planner must solve. These problems are surely avoidable after you read this whole article. Keep reading and do your best to arrange the best silent auction. Here are some common problems and the solutions to solve them.

  1. Space problem

The venue is the most important thing you should prepare from the start of your planning. No matter how well you prepare it, sometimes it comes to the wrong calculation that your items are more than you expected. As a result, there is no more space to display the items and that is a big problem.

Solution: if you put more than one item on a table, it will make your presentation untidy. It also can make the item seem less valuable from the participants’ perspective. Instead, you can try grouping the small items such as tickets, into bigger groups. That way will make it more valuable and you might receive high bids.

  1. Too many items

Another common problem that might happen during the silent auction is too many items comparing to the participants. The ideal number of items in the auction is no more than half of the participants. If you have more than half of the number of participants, that will be a problem because participants may lose their interest in bidding on your items.

Solution: there are two ways you may try to solve that problem. First, you can package your items to be more interesting. For instance, instead of presenting five give certificates to the local coffee shop, you can re-package it with “The Best Coffee Shop in Town”. Make it at once and it will attract the participants.

Second, you may keep the rest of the items that you adjust from the silent auction and you can do online fundraising afterward. There are lots of online fundraising nowadays and you can put your items there. There will be no waste items if you think calmly and carefully.

Those two problems are the most common problems that happen during the silent auction. Do not forget to choose an interesting silent auction bid sheet template to attract the participant more. That way will increase participants’ enthusiasm and a way for you to get more purchases.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template | Word – download

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