Things Must Be Considered on Service Invoice

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If you run a service-based business, you will be familiar with service invoices because it is an important document. A service invoice is a document that the company of service-based, sends to their clients to finish the payments for the service. It includes the total fee, deadline of the payment, and a detailed list of the services.

To create a service invoice, you must follow and develop a service invoice template that provides you all the detailed information lists during the service process. The invoice is really important for the company because it states important information the company needs to keep improving its performance.

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How to Create Service Invoice

There are some important things you need to consider and think about well before creating your own service invoice for your business. Remember that this kind of invoice is usually for a service-based business. Keep on reading to find out those important things should be in the service invoice.

  1. Develop your template

Each company has its own template of the invoice that is adjusted with their needs. But the standard template will include a company logo, various color palettes, and unique fonts that will make your company stands out. The template should be simple yet professional. Furthermore, it includes business information, invoice due date, and the amount of owing.

  1. Write down the business name and contact information

You need to put your logo, the business name, the address, email address, and phone numbers on the top of the template as a header. Put it there, so that your clients can find that important information easily.

  1. Client’s space

After you put every important information on the top of the template, the next one is your client’s corner. Make sure to list the client’s important information such as the client’s name, phone number, address, and email address. It will be good for your company to choose the best contact person to contact the new client on the billing process. That way is to make sure that it is done professionally.

  1. Service invoice number

Another important thing you should mention on your template is the service invoice number. It is a unique number used as a reference when you need to talk about specific issues with the client. It is also helpful for the bookkeeping process so it can be done easier and tidily. This invoice number may include numbers or letters, or you may mix it as well.

  1. Date for the service

The date on the service invoice is really important, especially when some issues happen so that the company can re-check the date to match and find a solution for the issues. It is not only the date of the service day, but you also need to mention the date of the payment due date. If it is a monthly service, you may start your period on the first date and end it on the last day of the month.

  1. List the services

The last one is about the services. Make sure you put enough space for this one because the service will be more than one or two services. The service must be written in detail as well, so this will be spacious for the service invoice template.

Service Invoice Template | Excel – download

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