Simple Ways to Create School Permission Slip

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During summer break, schools usually attend a field trip for students. Before the trip, the school needs to get parents’ permission so that they will send school permission slips. The permission slip later should be signed by parents or guardians to let their kids do school-related activities outside.

The simple school permission slip is enough as long as it has detailed information about the outside activities. The school permission slip is not also used only for a school trip, but also for any kind of activity related to school outside. Those activities include boy scout, movie time, church activity, and medical reasons when students need to get treatment outside.

Other Samples of School Permission Slip :

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school permission slip template example

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example of school permission slip template

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school permission slip template sample

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sample of school permission slip template

How to Create School Permission Slip

There are a bunch of templates that you can get from the internet, but still, you need to know how to create them on your own. Here are some steps to make a standard school permission slip.

  1. Use Word on the computer

There are lots of Word computer programs on your laptop or computer that you can use to make school permission slips. You may choose Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs. Furthermore, you may choose a formal font such as Times New Romans or Arial in a standard size 11 or 12. This format is the general standard for formal writing.

  1. Detail information

Mention the detailed information about the school activity that you will hold and answer all of the possible question’s parents may ask on your slip. Some basic information such as who, when, where, what, how much, why, must be stated clearly on the slip.

You also should mention the means of transportation that your students will take to. Furthermore, a simple summary of the activity is also needed because parents deserve to know that. Never forget to add contact information so that parents can call you anytime.

  1. Explicit parents’ permission

Create a space to mention parents’ permission to let their kids doing that activity. You can state like “I (parent’s name), permit my kid (kid’s name), to go to the school trip to (the location) with (school’s name or teacher’s name who leads the trip). This will be such an agreement between parents and school to let their kids do the trip.

  1. Medical details

The space of medical details is really important to know the medicine that students need during the trip. You need to make sure if your students have allergies or need special treatment for their health. That is why you need to know what kind of medicine they take when that special condition happens.

  1. Emergency contact and signature

Last but not least, you need to ask parents’ contacts information to make sure that you can contact them as soon as possible when something unexpected happens. Besides, you also need to inform the contact information from the school to the parents so that they can contact you at any time as well. The last thing you need to complete the school permission slip template is the parent’s signature at the bottom of the form.

School Permission Slip Template | Word – download

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