Writing a Strong Scholarship Recommendation Letter

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Life is about learning every day, no matter who and where you are. Education is really important for our life so that we can see the world from different perspectives. That is the reason why the government will support students who are willing to study freely with scholarships.

The scholarship is not easy to get for students because the government or investor wants to give the scholarship to the one who is 100% serious about that study. No wonder why to find out a bunch of requirements to be filled. One of the requirements is a scholarship letter of recommendation. A scholarship letter of recommendation template is needed by students who apply for the scholarship.

What is a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation?

A scholarship letter of recommendation is a document that consists of information demonstrating from the scholarship candidate into a particular learning institution. Some information must be mentioned in the scholarship letter of recommendation such as your personal information, your connections that you recommend, their specific skills, and the reason why they are qualified.

There are some things you need to remember while writing a recommendation letter for your connection. First thing is that you need to think carefully to give them your recommendation letter. The format of the letter must be formal and focus on describing your job description. Explain briefly how you know that person and how long you know them.

How to Write Strong Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Writing a recommendation letter for your students might be easy work for you if you know your students well. But what about the students you do not really know? That must be not easy for you, that is why you need to find out some of their information such as:

  • Their personal information, for instance: name, grade, GPA, and test scores
  • Scholarship’s name and the eligibility criteria
  • Information about how you submit the letter and when the deadline is
  • Summary about the reasons why they think they deserve the scholarship
  • Summary about their achievements from school and outside the school
  • Summary about their extracurricular achievement
  • A summary about the topic of their scholarship application essay, 200 words maximum
  • Short explanation about your connection with them, what classes they ever joined, and how was is going during the study.

Those are such lots of information you need to ask them, but you will be surprised to see the result. Remember that you are helping your beloved students to achieve their dreams to get the scholarship they apply for. Your recommendation letter will give more understanding to the selection committee about your student’s academic strengths and potentials.

Furthermore, your recommendation letter also will provide an objective perspective about how the students represent good scholars that the foundation wants. Besides helping your students, you also help the scholarship committee to select the one who really deserves the scholarship. If that information is too much, you can use a scholarship letter of recommendation template so it will be easier for you to gather your student’s information.

Scholarship Letter Of Recommendation Template | Word – download

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