The Function of Roommate Contract Template

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Why do you need to have the roommate contract? As a tenant, you always need an agreement roommate contract. The contract will use by both parties of tenants if they are want to live in the same home that will outline the shared expenses and the house rules. Unlike the lease agreement, the landlord will not be involved in the roommate agreement. By signing the contract, the tenants will agree to each other and they will abide by the rules and also pay their rent and expenses and also the utilities on time.

Roommate Contract is the Important Thing you Need

A roommate agreement will consider as a legal binding document, that can be used to help you enforce the financial obligations, such as when your roommate doesn’t pay the rent. But, it’s less like the other aspects of the agreement like chores that can be legally enforced. Having this roommate agreement will help you to make sure everything can be handle, and it can be some rule for both tenants that agreed to live together.

Why do you need to have this roommate agreement? Well, the roommate agreement is essential in helping you prevent disagreements among all the housemates, whether you are moving in with close friends or also strangers. Many universities also require their students to living on campus, to fill the dorm roommate agreement. The agreement will also contain the roommate rules on a paper and it will help to prevent disputes and can help to keep the roommate relationships amicable. That’s why you need this kind of agreement contract template.

What Should a Roommate Agreement Include?

If you are moving with your friends, and also creating a written roommate agreement, you may feel it unnecessary, but conflicts may often arise because of the unspoken expectation in each person, on how things should be done. That’s why you always need to have this kind of contract or agreement, to make you can feel comfortable when you live amongst the others.  You can try to approach your housemates of course to go to extra mile to make sure, that everything is clear and remember your house rules can be as strict or also can be flexible as you want.

If you want to make your roommate agreement contract, there are some following things that you need to include in your agreement, and we will give you a piece of information about that.

  1. You need to put the expense breakdown to every tenant. this will include rent, utilities, shared supplies and also the security deposit.
  2. You also need to contain it with shared and private rooms, to indicates which parts of the house are the common area.
  3. Guests and also parties, as the roommates, you should decide in what kind of situations you need to have guests or parties to come over, and it will also need the other roommate’s approval.
  4. Pets and chores, you also need to remember that you will live with different people and personalities, that’s why you must have this kind of agreement written down.
  5. Quiet hours and early move-out
  6. Sharing and borrowing items, to prevent one of the most disagreements amongst the roommates that usually happen.

That’s all you need to include in your roommate contract template. Remember, you also can use the template, if you don’t have any idea about making the contract. It will help you to make the perfect house rules and contract. So, the template will be a good help for you.

Roommate Contract Template | Word – download

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