The Important Component in Roofing Checklist Template

roofing checklist template

roofing checklist template – download

The roof is one part of the house that must be checked frequently. Because the roof is very vulnerable to collapse and endanger the lives of our families.

Many professional architects recommend doing a roof inspection twice a year. This is to minimize the occurrence of brittle roofs due to the change of seasons.

If you don’t understand the problem of roof checking, you can hire a company to check. You can provide a roofing checklist template to the officer before checking the roof of your house.

Benefits of Roofing Checklist

Roof checking should be done before bad weather such as winter and summer. Because snow and the hot sun can damage the roof components.

Just imagine if all year your house is exposed to snow. Then it’s summer, so you can imagine how the condition of the roof of your house is?

This is what the roofing checklist is for. You can give this note to the checking officer. Or if you want to do it yourself, there are several templates ready for you to use.

Roofing Checklist Examples :

roofing checklist template example

roofing checklist template example

sample of roofing checklist template

sample of roofing checklist template

example of roofing checklist template

example of roofing checklist template

roofing checklist template sample

roofing checklist template sample

Roofing Checklist Components

There are several components in the roofing checklist that we must understand. Even though we are not experts, there are many roofing checklist templates that we are ready to use to check our roof.

The roofing checklist serves as maintenance data. We must have it to minimize roof damage. In addition, maintenance data also functions for warranty claims if there is damage.

The following are the components in the roofing checklist that we must understand:

  1. Interior Sign

Before checking on the roof of the house. You can check the interior of your home for mold, drips, or leaks.

Because the sign can show which part of the roof is damaged. Signs that appear inside the house usually come from a cracked roof.

  1. Roof Surface

Look at the surface of the roof for weathering or cracks. If there are scuffs or cracks, note them down immediately.

Also, check if any parts are rusty or moldy. Because it must be removed over time so as not to cause a brittle roof.

  1. Expansion Connection

Also, pay attention to any cracks or tears between the expansion joints. Because this can cause leaks in the house.

  1. Roof Cleaning

Also check the cleanliness inside the roof, especially dirt that can make the roof rot. Like dry leaves when last fall was hit by snow, it can cause a brittle roof.

  1. Aqueduct

The drains on the roof also need to be checked for mold or mildew. Note if there is a fungus, so you can do regular cleaning.

  1. Exterior Components

Components such as ventilation, pipes, chimneys, skylights should also be checked. Check it for cleanliness and look for signs of damage such as rot, rust, mold, or mildew.

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The roofing checklist template is ready for you to use to check all components on your roof. So even without the help of officers, you can check the roof of your own house.

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