How To Use a Retirement Checklist Template

free printable retirement checklist template pdf

retirement checklist template

Deciding when we should retire is not an easy thing. Because when we enjoy our work, then deciding to retire is a difficult thing.

But we must consider health because working continuously is also not good for our bodies. You can decide to retire when you feel you have had enough work and are ready to live a new life after retirement.

After you have considered when to retire, it’s time for you to write a retirement letter and prepare for your retirement.

You can use the retirement checklist template as a preparation for retirement. Because you also need careful preparation before leaving the company.

Benefits of Making a Retirement Checklist

There are benefits when we make a retirement checklist. Retirement is not an easy thing, we must prepare various plans.

If you are determined to retire, then you already have a long-term plan for what you will do next.

Preparation in the retirement checklist can be a reference to whether you are ready to retire or not.

Retirement Checklist Samples :

retirement checklist template example

retirement checklist template example

example of retirement checklist template

example of retirement checklist template

sample of retirement checklist template

sample of retirement checklist template

retirement checklist template sample

retirement checklist template sample

Tips for Making a Retirement Checklist

If you have made a retirement checklist, then you can cross out the items you have done. This list is useful for preparing yourself to leave your old job.

The following items are included in the retirement checklist:

  1. Asset Inventory

You need to record your finances. Starting from the record of your savings, debt, liabilities, insurance, and income balances.

Also write down the property you have such as a house, vehicle, or another item that is one of your inventory.

The purpose of making an asset inventory is so that you can assess whether your financial situation is safe for your retirement fund. Because after retirement, you don’t get a salary.

  1. Emergency Fund

Before you decide to retire, make sure you have an emergency fund. An emergency fund is very important in your life after retirement.

Because you will not earn anymore. Although after retirement you can get social security, an emergency fund must be there to protect you.

You can create an emergency fund of three months’ total living expenses. So before retiring, make sure you have an emergency fund that you can use to live for a year.

The emergency fund must exceed your monthly salary because this will be used after retirement. Especially if you suddenly get sick or are about to move out of town.

  1. Pay Off All Debts

This is very important to do. Pay off all debts and interest you have. Because after retirement you have no income to pay debts.

Sacrifice your income to pay all debts. Because if you don’t, then when you retire you will be confused about finding money to pay off debt.

  1. Determine the Next Plan

You need to write down what you plan to take after retirement. If you want to open your shop, then look for capital while you are still working.

The retirement checklist template already has details on what you should write down. Prepare for retirement carefully and plan for the future.

Retirement Checklist Template | PDF – download

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