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restaurant closing checklist template

When closing a restaurant, of course, there are several things that we must pay attention to. Closing the restaurant does not mean that it is finished serving buyers, but several procedures must be carried out by the staff.

You can use the restaurant closing checklist template to complete tasks and end their work. A restaurant closing checklist is very important to re-check what needs to be cleaned.

All parts of the restaurant must be ensured to be finished and clean before the restaurant closes. That’s what the restaurant closing checklist is for so employees can check which parts have not been completed.

Restaurant Closing Checklist Samples :

restaurant closing checklist template sample

restaurant closing checklist template sample

restaurant closing checklist template example

restaurant closing checklist template example

example of restaurant closing checklist template

example of restaurant closing checklist template

sample of restaurant closing checklist template

sample of restaurant closing checklist template

Things to Write in the Restaurant Closing Checklist

There are several sections that you should write down before doing routine checks. Usually, the restaurant manager will make sure the entire checklist has been done.

The following are things that must be written to make a restaurant closing checklist:

  1. Cleaning All Rooms

Here you can write anything that needs to be cleaned. Usually, the entire restaurant will be cleaned. Both from tables, chairs to kitchen utensils.

Don’t forget to mop the floor so that the next day you just have to clean it again. Raise the chair on the table and clean the floor.

It is important to look at the kitchen, some tools have not been cleaned. If you have a coffee shop then clean the coffee grinder.

Pay attention to the entire restaurant room, including the bathroom. Clean the bathroom and throw away the trash in the bathroom.

Don’t forget you also need to wipe all the windows and glass. Wash all dirty rags and turn off the lights when everything is in order.

  1. Security

Make sure all access to the restaurant is locked. You can checklist if all rooms are locked.

If the restaurant has sophisticated equipment or a safe, you should always turn on CCTV for 24 hours. Make sure the computer is off and locked.

Make sure the cash register is also securely locked. If there is cash, it should be placed in a safe to minimize the occurrence of robbery.

  1. Organization

Before the restaurant closes, make sure all the menu books have been collected. Put all the menu books on the counter or in their usual place.

Also, make sure you refill the tissue on the customer’s table. Also fill in the salt, sauce, and pepper that is on the customer’s table.

You need to remember, you also have to refill hand soap in the sink area. Make sure the tissue in the sink area is always available.

  1. Finance

Before closing a restaurant, you should make sure all employees report any tips they get from customers.

You also need to calculate how much your daily income is. Save all food receipts on the computer.

Daily financial reports should be done every day. The restaurant closing checklist template also provides financial reports that you can use immediately. Close the cash register and make sure cash is stored in a safe place.

Restaurant Closing Checklist Template | PDF – download

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