Effective Ways to Avoid Forgotten Internship Timesheet

Free Printable Monthly Internship Timesheet Template Excel

An internship timesheet is also essential to track records and gather data for project-related reasons. Once you can figure out about hours worked, you can pay them correctly. However, some may forget to submit their timesheets.

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This article will tell you tips on how to prevent your forgotten timesheet for the future. Here are the following tips.

Set Clear Policy

As an intern, you may be confused about filling in your timesheet. If it happens, you have to be aware because it can result in the late submission of your timesheet.

That is why you have to get an employee handbook. From here, you can know the Dos and Don’ts in the place where you work. This way is recommended, especially for an intern who is fresh in the field of work.

The handbook states the company policy clearly, including timesheet submission. You will know not only the due date but also how to fill in and submit it. Make sure you understand the timesheet upon your first submission.

Set Your Reminder

Setting up a reminder can be a good solution as well. It helps you to solve your problem simply. You can set an automatic reminder to alert you in filling or submitting your timesheet.

You can use multiple devices for this, starting from using your clock alarm to reminder software. This way is effective in saving many businesses from headaches and hassles.

You can also set up your mobile to receive a push notification to complete the internship timesheet. Through this, you can get a reminder about the clock in and out at ease. You can set up the timesheet notification at the beginning and end of shifts.

Another possibility is by linking your reminders with a GPS location. It allows you to get a notification once you arrive at the office. Then, you can clock in your timesheet.

You can do the same method for the clock out as well. It will remind you to complete the clock out whenever you want to leave the office.

Any simple notification helps remind you to fill in and submit your timesheets. A reminder is advantageous when you have busy days. Besides, it can alert you if you get a distraction.

Require Discipline

Timesheets also make you value discipline. It allows you to learn about being on time and honesty. It can be a positive thing for you to gain, especially in the field of work.

If you fail to follow the policy, you may get a penalty from the employer. However, you have to know that your employer will not discipline you by not paying you. They will give you a penalty in another way.

Remember that any discipline given is fair and appropriate. The employer applies it without discrimination. You had better get clear information about the discipline policy once you start work.

If you fail to submit your timesheet, you should follow the disciplinary steps that your employer informed you of. Therefore, filling in an internship timesheet on time is essential to avoid future problems.

Internship Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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