Things You Should Know in Independent Contractor Timesheet

Free Printable Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Nowadays, you see most companies use an independent contractor timesheet. Although creating it can be tempting and challenging, you can manage the attendance and regulate the payroll.

You can find multiple contractor timesheet formats for your references. The below explanation helps you in understanding the timesheet for an independent contractor.

Understanding An Independent Contractor Timesheet

Similar to others, this timesheet also allows you to record time and attendance. It is beneficial to get data of hours worked from employees. Besides, the format may not be much different from other timesheets.

Companies and clients require a timesheet to run their business. That is why they figure out how to create a timesheet. It should be efficient and effective in gathering hours worked.

In most formats, you will find a timesheet in Excel. It happens because employers can work at ease in Excel. However, they should know how to make it work.

Other Samples of Independent Contractor Timesheet :

timesheet template for independent contractor

timesheet template for independent contractor

independent contractor time log

independent contractor time log

independent contractor time tracking template

independent contractor time tracking template

independent contractor tracking worksheet

independent contractor tracking worksheet

The Considerations in Having Timesheet

There are some considerations that you have to keep in your mind for having an independent contractor timesheet. Let us see the following explanation.

First, you have to know the regularity to turn in the timesheet. Check your company’s necessities on the workers and hours worked. The most common paid hours you find are weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

Yet, some contractors also require employees to submit their attendance per assignment. So, they can control it easily.

Second, you have to know the rate of each client. Check whether the charges for every client or agency are different or not. Through this, you can learn whether you have to create a separate template or not.

Third, learning about the private information from each agent or client. Some clients require extra security for their templates. They want to secure confidential information.

Because of that, you have to know the details of clients or agencies that work with you. Mostly, clients want you to handle the confidential information as well.

Fourth, check the efficiency of the timesheet. Make sure you provide a timesheet that can ease the work for employers and employees.

Once you find someone late on attending an appointment due to printing their timesheet, you have to re-check the format. A timesheet should be effective for working and efficient in timing. If you hear someone find difficulties in filling in their timesheet, it means you require changes.

Fifth, know to whom you will turn the timesheet. This part is also essential if you want to create your own timesheet.

Let’s say you require a timesheet for accounting purposes. So, you have to include the additional requirement for it. You may need a signature or maybe not.

Meanwhile, if you turn the timesheet to clients or agencies, you have not added your rate. This thing can make them do extra work on your timesheet.

From the above information, you will know what option you require most for your independent contractor timesheet. Select the one that is suitable and valuable for you. Thus, you can focus on doing other things.

Independent Contractor Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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