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Free Printable Hourly Timesheet Template Excel

Hourly Timesheet Template Excel – download

The timesheet helps you a lot in managing your time usage. Mostly, we use this tool for business. One of the most popular types of timesheets is the hourly timesheet. As its name implied, this timesheet records the hourly pay of our employee. Using this timesheet helps you to monitor and find out how much money you should pay to your employee, especially the part-time worker. So, here, we will show you some of the vital elements that the hourly timesheet should have.

Information Section

You can find it on the top part of the timesheet form. It contains various data and information regarding your employee and the payment. The information in this section includes your employee’s name, ID, the department where they work in your company, the period of payment you have to pay to them, and the time this timesheet can be used. Make sure you fill up this section carefully for an easier managing process.

Working Hours Table

Right under the information section, you can find the table. This table holds three important data for managing the hourly pay to your employee. They are the date when this timesheet activates, the time when your employee starts and finishes their work, and the total hour and payment they should receive. By entering the data on each column of this table, you can easily calculate how much hourly wage you should pay to your employee.

In some of the hourly timesheets, you also can find an extra column where you can put the information about the time when your employee is asking for sick leave. If you apply that you still pay them in this situation, this extra table helps you to calculate the payment much easier. However, if you only pay them according to the hours they work for you, you don’t need this extra column. So, find another timesheet with the standard hourly wage column.

Choosing the Hourly Timesheet

In the past, maybe we made the hourly timesheet on paper. Then, write all information on it to get the total hourly wages you have to pay to your employee. However, today, you don’t have to use that old-fashioned method. You can get the hourly timesheet template you can use on your management software.

The template for software like this also has automatic calculation features. So, once you enter the data on its table, it will automatically calculate how much hourly wage from that information. It improves the time you use for preparing the budget for the hourly wage of your employee. Furthermore, with this programmed calculating process, it lowers the risk of calculation mistakes that can give you a quiet blow to your finances.

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Therefore, every modern business needs this timesheet. That helps them a lot to improve their business performance. Your company also gets more profit to grow and survive in today’s strict business competition. If you want to know more about this timesheet and get the template for it, you can find it on this website.

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