3 Sections to Consider in Choosing A Consultant Timesheet Template

Free Printable Consultant Timesheet Template

Talking about consultant timesheets, in a business, a timesheet is one of the tools that can help you or even the HR team calculate working time for each employee such as a consultant. It happens because all timesheets will show well the real hour numbers worked for every employee. Then, those will be a perfect reference for the process of payroll for employees in a company.

In general, timesheets can be interpreted as a tool that can be physical or virtual to record and track a person’s work time. Then, how does a company manage the timesheet now? And, how to choose the best template for a consultant timesheet? Let’s learn more about the explanations below!

How is the Current Consultant Timesheet Managed?

Digital timesheet management has become a great option in modern times like today to facilitate the process of managing employee attendance data. Previously, consultant attendance data management was done manually and took a long time. Therefore, by utilizing technology, this process can be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

The HR team can use software to facilitate administrative work such as managing attendance data, managing work shifts, to the payroll process for each employee or consultant in just one application that already has a good automation system. Therefore, many think that the consultant database application is the answer for HR teams who want a more valid, detailed, and easier consultant management process.

However, as an owner of a business or even a manager of a small business, you should track all the work hours of the consultant. It is a great reason why the templates of consultant timesheets are very popular in this era even though they are inconvenient.

Other Samples of Consultant Timesheet :

timesheet for consultant hourly billing

timesheet for consultant hourly billing

consultant hours tracking template

consultant hours tracking template

consultant weekly timesheet template

consultant weekly timesheet template

consulting timesheet invoice template

consulting timesheet invoice template

consultant monthly timesheet template

consultant monthly timesheet template – download

free consultant time tracking template

free consultant time tracking template

The Way to Select A Consultant Timesheet Template

Now, there are many available online templates of consultant timesheets. Then, you need to find the most perfect one. It is a big challenge. But, you should not worry. In finding a template of consultant timesheet, you must ensure that the templates you choose have covered three sections below:

The personal details

What about this section? It holds your consultant’s personal details. The fields of data that will be present in this section are:

  • The name of a consultant
  • The name of the manager
  • The name of the client
  • The name or code of the project
  • The phone number of the consultant
  • Hourly rate

The activity tables

There are some task details which the consultant usually does. The tasks will be highlighted in a format of a table. But, each template has a different format of the table. In general, there are some categories of data such as:

  • The day & date
  • The week
  • The job/task
  • The total times or hours of every task
  • The detailed expense (it is not a must)
  • And the others

The information of payment and credentials

Well, a timesheet cannot forget this important section. It should include the information of payment for the consultant and also the name or signature. It will make the consultant timesheet be an invoice template of a consultant.

In this section, there some information should be included, such as:

  • The date
  • The total due
  • The signature of the consultant
  • The signature of the manager

Well, those are about the consultant timesheet and the way to choose it. Try to understand and apply those tips to find the best one for your company! Good luck!

Consultant Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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