7 Easy Steps Fill Out Blank Timesheet Template Free

Free Printable Blank Timesheet Template Excel

Create your custom timesheet from a blank timesheet available free on the website. With a timesheet, the founder is able to know that employees work effectively and are productive each day based on their tasks. The accurate track of work details will lead to benefit to the business.

Why Do You Need a Timesheet?

There are several reasons why a blank timesheet excel is essential for both managers and employees. With a timesheet, it is easier to make an arrangement plan to meet deadlines, maintain estimated budgets and also achieve the goal of using time in an effective way. To reach this, you will need to keep tracking accurately. Therefore it is why a timesheet is crucial for any business goal success.

Guide to Fill Out Blank Timesheet Form

As explained before the timesheet contains data of employee’s working hours in a particular period in a table. Timesheet is used by companies for tracking and monitoring the numbers of hours worked on a project, jobs, or specific works from clients. An employer should keep an accurate record of attendance for all workforces, except for the salaried employees.

You can use a timesheet in two different ways, with conventional paper/spreadsheet type or the one with a time tracking tool. Printable blank timesheet template is available to meet daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for specific work timesheets. Here is a guide to fill out any timesheet form.

  1. Fill in the employee name
  2. Add date or date range
  3. Fill out details of tasks and project
  4. Add the number of working hours on each day of the week
  5. Calculating total hours
  6. Adding notes as you required
  7. Get approval

Samples of Blank Timesheet :

timesheet blank forms

timesheet blank forms

blank daily timesheet template

blank daily timesheet template

fillable time sheets template

fillable time sheets template

printable blank timesheet template with lunch

printable blank timesheet template with lunch

blank timesheet template free

blank timesheet template free

Tips to Make your Employees Submit Timesheet on Time

  • Make it simple.

When you custom from a blank timesheet is it important to make it simple to fill. A good timesheet should take less than 10 minutes each day to complete. When it takes longer than 15 minutes to track their work hours, the employee can get frustrated and the company loses considerable time to spend on better activities.

  • Make an easy submission.

Simplify the submission by creating automation of process and people can submit their timesheet submission without complaint or delay.

  • Be flexible

Be more flexible on how workers submit their timesheet by not demanding them to submit in precise minute.

  • Time tracking number items limitation

Limit the items you want to track. You can make group items such as product training, conference calls, and internal meetings into a single item called the” internal” category. It simplifies the employees to log their timesheets easier.

  • Avoid system of reward or penalty

Some companies create a system of rewards and penalties to make their employees submit their timesheets on time. It is only a solution for the short term as the system can undermine the unity in the team and create distrust in managers and employees.

If you create a custom to make your blank timesheet submission process simple, discuss the reasons behind it, and still not get to collect the timesheet in precise time, step back and make an evaluation.

Blank Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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