5 Disadvantages of Biweekly Timesheet

Free Printable Biweekly Timesheet Template Excel

Biweekly Timesheet Template Excel – download

Every company might have a different preference about the type of timesheet they want to use to track the staff performance and the project progress. Of course, using timesheets will be very helpful for doing the project more efficiently. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of timesheet you use including the biweekly timesheet, you must be aware of some disadvantages when using it.

More Works for the Staff

Well, there is no doubt that some staff of your company will get very great benefits from using the timesheet. Since many processes can be automated with the timesheets, the HR and payroll staff will be delighted. They can save time since they do not have to do some tasks. With the timesheet, every employee has to track everything of their work to make sure that they can complete their timesheets. Some employees might find that it means they have to do more work to fulfill the timesheet.

Timesheet Anxiety

Timesheet anxiety can also be another problem that might appear because of the use of a timesheet in your company. Nevertheless, timesheet anxiety can be caused by several factors. Some employees might have a worry when they have to report the real hours, especially when they have to spend longer time to complete the task. Some employees with health problems or personal issues might also find it troublesome when they cannot fulfill the good timesheet because they are underperforming at that time.

Human Error

You can use the timesheet system that will automate various aspects of your company system. You can use the online timesheet system that is super clever. Nevertheless, the timesheet will rely on human interaction, after all. By using the timesheet, there is a chance that human error will be developed at a certain point. Some employees might manipulate the time on purpose. This is something that can happen. That is why you need to consider the system to make sure that this kind of human error can be caught so it will not affect the payroll system in your company. You need to make it clear about the term and conditions when using the timesheet.

Lower Staff Morale

The employees can have different thoughts on the timesheet use. Some employees might think that it is great to use a timesheet because they are pretty accountable for their time management. Some other employees might just think that the management is spying on them by using timesheets. It can make the employee morale lower. There might not be enough trust between the employer and employee.

Problem to Track Intangible Tasks

Some tasks are intangible and it will be difficult to track these kinds of tasks using the timesheet. Of course, a company will always have meetings and brainstorming sessions. All of those activities are important for handling every project for the companies. When there is a client meeting with six staff attending the meeting for an hour, the time allowance of the client will be calculated as one hour only and it can be pretty ambiguous. You have to consider this aspect when using a biweekly timesheet.

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Information Needed in Fill in Biweekly Timesheet Template Excel

Managing biweekly timesheet template excel is also part of the task for tracking the attendance of employees. It is essential to run accurate payroll and maintain employee time records.

A timesheet also allows you to manage any personal time off that each employee had. Here are some explanations about a biweekly timesheet and any information included in it.

What is a biweekly timesheet?

You can create a timesheet based on your needs. It allows you to record the working hours of employees. It can be a physical or digital record that gives you necessary information about time and attendance.

A timesheet is beneficial to run payroll. It helps to give data on the employees’ correct wages. Through this record, you can count the regular and overtime hours from employees during a pay period.

A biweekly timesheet enables you to record employees’ schedules on a two-week basis. It is ideal for employers that have a payday every two weeks.

What information is included in the biweekly timesheet?

To keep an accurate record, the employers should fill in the correct data to the timesheet. Here is the information needed to fill out.

  • Enter The Employee Complete Name

You have to create a field on the timesheet for adding an employee’s full name. It helps you to record the hours that the person records.

Having a complete full name helps you to manage a timesheet. Through this, you can avoid any confusion because of the same name.

  • Add The Date

Fill in the date will be the next thing you should do. In the biweekly timesheet, you require employees to complete it every two weeks. They will get their salary paid in a certain period.

You can start adding the relevant week date in your biweekly timesheet template excel. You have to fill the date with the correct information because it is beneficial not only for payroll but also for tax and audit purposes. Once you have inaccurate records, you can create any legal issues for the company.

  • Enter The Projects and Task Details

Grouping tasks by a project is easier for you to work on your timesheet. You can know what project an employee works on in their presence. This method is also helpful in giving proof of attendance.

  • Add hours working

Aside from mentioning the date, you have to create a column to fill the day in a week. Then, you will use it to fill the hours worked on the correct days.

This column is essential for creating a weekly pattern on your timesheet. Thus, you can know the correct day if the employees have issues filling in their timesheets.

  • Calculate Total Working Hours

You have not to miss calculating the total hours as well. You have to fill the cumulative working time in a separate column.

This way allows you to know the whole amount of time working each day. It also informs you about the overtime that may occur. A biweekly timesheet template excel enables you to calculate the total hours worked automatically in separate rows and columns.

biweekly timesheet template excel

biweekly timesheet template excel – download

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