The Benefits And Types of an Attorney Timesheet

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In this world, a profession that includes the busiest one is an attorney. Are you an attorney? If you are, you surely know how you will face difficulty to deal with all the time if you do not organize everything related to your job well. Then, if you cannot plan your time well, you absolutely will miss all appointments, meetings, and even lose your best clients then they will come to the other lawyer. So, the attorney timesheet is very important in this case. Let’s have a look at these explanations!

The benefits of attorney timesheet

Below, we have listed some of the important attorney timesheet roles that you need to know about.

  1. As a tool for time management

Through a recorded timesheet, the human resource division in the company can find out how the working hours of each employee are like an attorney. Is it by the provisions of the agreed working hours or vice versa?

  1. As a component of salary calculation

An attorney’s salary calculation is often influenced by their level of attendance during a period. This could include the overtime they have passed or the application for leave they have taken. So, the payroll system must be carried out transparently. In the payslip given, there must be an explanation of the count of overtime hours, leave, or various other deductions so that the attorney does not have to ask any more questions.

  1. As consideration for employee performance information

Through the attorney timesheet, attorney performance can be summarized very well. Yes, its performance will be observed in detail. Have they completed their work correctly and on time? Through a brief analysis of the performance, you will find out the capacity of each of them and where the potential of each worker lies.

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The type of attorney timesheet

What are the types of attorney timesheets? These types can be divided into 2 categories, namely form, and function.

In terms of shape

  1. Paper Timesheet or Hard Copy

In this type, the timesheet is used in paper or hardcopy form. In the past, people calculated working hours manually using this paper document.

But this type is considered very inefficient because humans often make mistakes in calculations. In addition, because it is in the form of a sheet of paper, the risk of being lost and damaged will be higher.

  1. Digital Timesheet or Soft Copy

Because technology is getting more advanced, the timesheet is updating from paper into digital form. This type is faster in the processing process and the risk of data being lost or damaged is also small. The data will be stored on the computer and the calculation process will be done automatically.

In terms of function

  1. Weekly

From the type of function, weekly timesheets are usually used by small companies with short terms or employees with short term contracts.

  1. Monthly

As for the monthly timesheet, it is used for companies with a larger scope. Monthly forms can help companies monitor employee performance more easily because the volume of data that can be stored is much more.

  1. Shift Workers

This type is designed by dividing into 3 times out and in according to the shift schedule of each worker. In addition, shift worker timesheets are made with a pattern every 2 weeks.

  1. Per-Project

In an event or certain events, this type of per-project is used to calculate the working time of its employees. Usually, the project is done in a short time.

That are everything about the attorney timesheet. Choose the best type and apply it well!

Attorney Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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